Flexibility is a strength that allows the
company to cure the serial product, contract and custom made, with remarkable achievements of prestige.

Design, research forms and materials, care in the performance of the product, are concepts handed down by other names and translated into contemporary language.

In addition to having their own in-house designers, the company relies on the search for new formal solutions to some of the most famous designers in the contemporary scene. This is how uniquely styled lamps, designed to exhibit their creations in a beautiful environment of the classroom.
           Zonca offers a full range of products and services to meet the needs of the hotel class: the creations Zonca give light and elegance to the hotels of the highest level.

A success due to the ability to create customized products, in close collaboration between the company and the designers, the architects specified by the customer.

To all this, plus a well-kept after sales service: here in detail because these realizations meet any aesthetic and technical requirements, adhering to the expectations of most demanding.